BON0: the key to intelligent energy management

Control, Management, Analysis, and Energy Consumption Savings with BON0

Currently, energy efficiency is not just an option but a necessity. Companies are constantly seeking ways to reduce their energy consumption to lower operational costs and minimize their environmental impact. In response to this growing demand, CIC has developed BON0, an advanced platform powered by IDboxRT, for the control, management, analysis, and savings of energy consumption.

What is BON0?

Moreover, BON0 is a comprehensive tool designed to provide total control over the energy consumption of facilities. It offers a platform where users can manage and analyze energy data in real-time, thereby enabling informed and efficient decision-making.

This platform helps companies comply with ISO-50001, an international standard that sets the requirements for creating, implementing, maintaining, and improving an energy management system. Its primary goal is to help organizations use energy more efficiently and sustainably. Moreover, this standard provides a framework for companies to develop energy-efficient policies, set goals and objectives, make data-driven decisions, and conduct periodic evaluations to improve their energy performance. Consequently, adopting ISO 50001 can result in significant operational cost reductions and a lower environmental impact.

Key Features

Real-Time Monitoring: Offers a real-time view of energy consumption, allowing companies to detect and correct any anomalies immediately. This continuous monitoring capability is crucial for maintaining efficiency and avoiding waste.

Detailed Analysis: The platform provides detailed analyses of energy consumption, identifying patterns and areas for improvement. This analysis, therefore, helps companies better understand how and where energy is used, thereby facilitating the implementation of corrective measures.

Comprehensive Management: Not only does it monitor and analyze, but it also enables comprehensive energy management. This includes scheduling systems and equipment to operate during off-peak periods and implementing efficient energy policies.

Energy Savings: With BON0’s ability to identify inefficiencies and optimize consumption, companies can achieve significant savings on their energy bills. The platform helps implement sustainable practices that benefit both the business and the environment.

Examples of investment dashboards

Examples of investment dashboards

Benefits of Implementing BON0

Cost reduction: By identifying and eliminating energy waste, companies can significantly reduce their operational costs.

Next, improved operational efficiency: Efficient energy consumption management enhances operational efficiency, allowing companies to operate more effectively.

Sustainability: By adopting sustainable energy practices, companies can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute positively to the environment.

Informed decision-making: With access to accurate data and detailed analyses, managers can make informed decisions that positively impact the company’s operations and budget.

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3 key practices to implement operational intelligence

In the era of digital transformation, companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and improve decision-making. One of the most effective tools to achieve this is operational intelligence. Implementing an operational intelligence solution can seem challenging, but with the right practices, its impact can be maximized, and successful integration ensured.

1. Define SMART Objectives

In the first place, it is crucial to define clear and measurable objectives. What do you expect to achieve with this implementation? Common objectives include improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and enhancing product quality. By setting specific objectives, you can align your strategy with the needs and priorities of your company.

To define good objectives, we recommend identifying areas for improvement, establishing KPIs (key performance indicators), and creating a detailed action plan.

2. Integrate data in efficient way

Intelligence tool relies on the real-time collection and analysis of data. For this solution to be effective, it is essential to efficiently integrate data from various sources. This also includes production data, machine performance data, quality data, and any other relevant information for your operations.

3. Train your team

Implementing an intelligence solution is not just a technological matter; it also involves a cultural shift within the company. This knowledge it is fundamental because in this way, the team will fell that the comfortable using the new tools and technologies.

What can you do to train your team?

You can create programs that teach employees how to use operational intelligence tools, foster a culture where data-driven decision-making is valued and promoted, and provide continuous support and resources to help employees adapt.


Implementing an operational intelligence solution with monitoring and analysis capability can radically transform the way your company operates. By defining clear objectives, efficiently integrating data, and training your team, you can maximize the benefits of this powerful tool. Adopting operational intelligence will not only keep you competitive but also help you lead the industry.

At IDboxRT, we want to help you through every step of this process. Contact us to discover how our platform can drive your company toward a more efficient and productive future. Contact us to discover how our plataform can drive your company toward a more efficient and productive future.

Maximizing Business Efficiency with Operational Intelligence

Every minute counts, every resource is valuable, and every decision must be made accurately and quickly. Operational intelligence emerges as an indispensable tool for companies seeking to optimize their processes and increase productivity. In this blog, we will explore in detail the crucial role that operational intelligence plays in improving business efficiency.

What is Operational Intelligence?

Refers to a company’s ability to collect, analyze and use data in real time to make informed decisions and optimize its operations. Through the integration of advanced technologies, such as data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Thus operational intelligence allows companies to monitor their processes in real time, identify improvement areas, and proactively take corrective action.

Benefits of Operational Intelligence in Business Efficiency

  • Process Optimization: by continuously analyzing operational data in real time, companies can identify bottlenecks, eliminate redundancies, and improve the efficiency of their processes.
  • Informed Decision Making: operational intelligence provides business leaders accurate and up-to-date information to make informed and strategic decisions in real time. Reducing response time and minimizing risks.
  • Cost Reduction: by identifying and eliminating waste and inefficiency in processes, operational intelligence helps reduce operating costs and increase profitability.
  • Quality Improvement: finally, by constantly monitoring the quality of products and services in real time, companies can identify problems early and take corrective action to ensure consistent quality standards.

Example case

Let’s make an example, to illustrate the benefits of this intelligence on business efficiency. Let’s study the case of a manufacturing company that implements a real-time monitoring system on its production line. By continually analyzing machine performance data and key performance indicators, the company can quickly identify and address any issues that may impact production. As a result, the company can reduce downtime, increase production and improve product quality. Which translates into higher profits and greater customer satisfaction.


In an increasingly competitive and demanding world, operational intelligence has become a fundamental element for improving business efficiency. By providing companies the ability to monitor and optimize their operations in real time, this intelligence allows them to remain agile, adaptable and competitive in an ever-changing environment. At IDboxRT, we are committed to helping our clients maximize their business efficiency through advanced, future-oriented solutions.

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Ensuring Quality in Smart Manufacturing: The Role of Monitoring Solutions

  • Early detection of problems: they identify and alert about potential quality issues in real-time, allowing operators to take appropriate measures before they become major problems. 
  • Process optimization: by analyzing detailed data on machine and process performance. Our solutions help identify areas for improvement and optimization, resulting in greater efficiency and quality in production. 
  • Compliance with regulations: by having the ability to track and document every step of the manufacturing process, we ensure compliance with relevant regulations and quality standards. 

Orchestrating Tomorrow’s Manufacturing Symphony

Embarking on a revolutionary journey through the heart of manufacturing. IDboxRT emerges as the beacon of innovation, guiding the industry towards a future where efficiency meets intelligence. Join us as we explore the key role of our industrial software as a tool in transforming the modern manufacturing landscape!

Chapter 1: genesis of smart data

In a world where data rules, IDboxRT takes the stage, weaving a narrative of real-time intelligence and foresight. Imagine a manufacturing universe where every machine whispers its secrets and data dances harmoniously, giving rise to a symphony of production brilliance.

Chapter 2: Building real-time efficiency

IDboxRT is not a common actor; He is the virtuoso conductor who orchestrates a masterpiece of efficiency. With real-time analytics, our platform dissects manufacturing processes, identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks with surgical precision. The result? A symphony of fine-tuned production that hits all the right notes.

Chapter 3: Predictive Skill

Enter the realm of predictive maintenance, where IDboxRT becomes the clairvoyant mechanic. Anticipate equipment problems, empowering manufacturers to perform maintenance accurately, eliminating downtime and preserving production momentum.

Chapter 4: Supply Chain Symphony

In the opera of manufacturing, the supply chain enters the scene led by IDboxRT to ensure harmony. By optimizing inventories, schedules, and demand forecasts, this technological virtuoso orchestrates profitable symphonies, creating a masterpiece of efficiency and savings.

Chapter 5: ballet of quality

Our solution’s quality assurance ballet unfolds on the manufacturing floor, where each product rotates under real-time scrutiny. Any deviations are quickly identified, ensuring that the product or service is a dancer in the grand performance of quality.

The grand finale: the manufacturing revolution

As this journey concludes, a new era is upon us. With its real-time intelligence, predictive prowess and supply chain symphony, IDboxRT presents itself as the driver of transformation in the manufacturing sector. All this thanks to the great capabilities it has as industrial software

In conclusion, IDboxRT is not simply a technological solution. He is the protagonist in a fascinating tale of evolution in manufacturing. As industries adopt this narrative, the question arises: Are you ready to write your chapter in the IDboxRT saga? The stage is yours, contact us, the future awaits you!

Unveiling the Future: key technological trends for 2024

Greetings, IDboxRT Community!As we dive into this new year, we invite you to embark on a journey to explore the technological horizons that will shape Operational Intelligence in 2024. At IDboxRT, where innovation converges with intelligence, we are eager to delve into how these Technological trends could impact intelligent monitoring platforms in various industries.

1. Driving intelligence in operations with advanced AI integration

Currently these platforms are on the verge of a transformative era with the integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Beyond conventional machine learning, our approach extends to elevating natural language understanding and autonomous decision making. This evolution promises to improve our platform, providing our users with actionable information and optimizing operational processes.

2. The rise of edge computing: cevolutionizing operational efficiency

The influence of edge computing is especially prominent for Operational Intelligence Monitoring Platforms. Processing data closer to its source results in greater speed and efficiency. This guidance aligns with our commitment to providing real-time information, empowering users to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

3. Embracing sustainability in operational practices

Operational intelligence is evolving not only in terms of efficiency, but also embracing responsible practices. Across the industry, there is a dedication to exploring green operating technologies, incorporating sustainable designs, and adopting environmentally conscious development practices. The objective is to improve intelligence by aligning it with the values ​​of sustainability.

4. Augmented reality: redefining data visualization

As Augmented Reality emerges as a transformative force, its potential impact in operational contexts is vast. Operational Intelligence Monitoring Platforms are exploring ways to leverage AR to improve data visualization, promising a more immersive and intuitive user experience. This opens up new possibilities for monitoring and managing operations with unprecedented clarity.

The IDboxRT Commitment: paving the way to a smart future

In short, staying up to date with technological trends is essential to maximizing the potential of operations year after year. For this reason, in 2024 IDboxRT will be at the forefront of the evolution of Operational Intelligence, integrating these innovations into our platform. We don’t simply adapt; We are actively shaping the future of how companies monitor and optimize their operations. Our commitment to excellence and innovation positions our solution as a leader in providing advanced Operational Intelligence solutions.

Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine Operational Intelligence!

Boosting Energy Efficiency with Advanced Analytics

The Era of Advanced Analytics:

At present, sustainability and efficiency are essential in the business environment, which is why companies are looking for innovative approaches to manage their energy consumption. In this area, advanced analysis stands out as a key tool to enhance energy efficiency.

This importance is due to the fact that advanced analytics goes beyond simple metrics, allowing a deep analysis of energy consumption, providing accurate data. The combination of this technology with the various applications of our solution makes it a tool of great added value to understand consumption patterns, detect inefficiencies and develop strategies to improve energy optimization.

Key advantages of using our platform:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: We offer live monitoring, which allows constant monitoring of energy consumption. This not only facilitates immediate identification of anomalies, but also allows for quick and efficient responses.
  2. Predictive Analysis: Thanks to this capability, IDboxRT not only detects current problems, but also foresees possible challenges in the future. This allows companies to take preventive measures to maximize energy efficiency.
  3. Customization: IDboxRT adapts to the specific needs of each company, offering tailored solutions to address each organization’s unique energy challenges. This ensures precise and effective focusing.
  4. Simplified Integration: Our platform easily incorporates with existing systems, meaning a quick and seamless transition. Adopting this technology does not imply a complete restructuring, which makes implementation easier.

Intelligent energy management: transforming the present for a sustainable future

At IDboxRT, we believe that proper energy management is essential to building a sustainable future. To achieve this, we have developed our platform to drive this change, offering intelligent and personalized solutions. Therefore, the use of advanced analytics through our solution implies an investment in energy efficiency and sustainability.

In short, in a world that promotes environmental responsibility, the use of this technology becomes essential for those companies committed to leading a sustainable future. Find out how to explore the potential of our tool and become a benchmark in your sector!

Guide to maximize ROI with IDboxRT Operational Intelligence

In today’s competitive industrial landscape, you are constantly seeking innovative solutions to gain a competitive advantage. One such solution that has been gaining prominence is operational intelligence. IDboxRT Operational Intelligence, with its real-time monitoring capabilities, data analysis and predictive functions, can help you not only optimize your operations, but also maximize your return on investment (ROI). In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to maximize ROI with IDboxRT, taking full advantage of the potential our platform offers.

The Power of Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence, often referred to as OI, is a game-changer in the world of industrial operations. It goes beyond traditional data collection and analysis by providing real-time insights into every aspect of your business. With IDboxRT, you gain access to a powerful platform that can transform your operations and boost your ROI in several ways.

1. Real-Time Monitoring and Control

IDboxRT’s real-time monitoring capabilities are your window into the heart of your industrial processes. By keeping a constant watch on critical parameters, you can detect anomalies and issues as they occur. This early detection leads to faster response times and reduced downtime, ultimately saving you money.

2. Predictive Maintenance

Unplanned downtime can be a significant drain on resources. IDboxRT’s predictive maintenance feature analyzes equipment data to predict when maintenance is needed. This ensures that maintenance activities are performed when necessary, preventing costly breakdowns and prolonging the lifespan of your assets.

3. Improved Efficiency

Operational efficiency is key to maximizing ROI. IDboxRT can identify bottlenecks and areas where efficiency can be improved. By streamlining your processes, you can achieve cost savings and produce more with fewer resources.

4. Cost Reduction

Reducing operational costs is a direct path to increasing ROI. IDboxRT Operational Intelligence helps you identify areas where expenses can be trimmed. Whether it’s optimizing energy usage, reducing material waste, or improving labor efficiency, cost reduction is at your fingertips.

5. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Informed decisions lead to better outcomes. IDboxRT empowers you with data analytics and visualization tools, allowing you to make decisions based on concrete evidence. This not only improves the quality of your choices but also enhances the overall performance of your operations.

6. Integration and Scalability

IDboxRT can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and adapt to the specific needs of your industry. This scalability ensures that your investment continues to deliver value as your business grows and evolves.

7. Comprehensive Support

One of the keys to maximizing ROI with IDboxRT is taking advantage of the comprehensive support and training offered by the IDboxRT team. They can help you unlock the full potential of the system, ensuring that you’re getting the most value out of your investment.


IDboxRT Operational Intelligence is not just a tool, it is a strategic investment in the future of your industrial business. By leveraging its real-time monitoring, predictive capabilities, and data-driven decision making, you can ensure that every dollar spent on IDboxRT translates into tangible ROI. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this guide to maximize your company’s ROI with IDboxRT Operational Intelligence.

Contact us and see how your business thrives in the era of data-driven industrial operations!

Use Case: Discover How IDboxRT Empowers Truck&Wheel Manufacturing Plant

In the constantly evolving world of Industry 4.0, maintaining a competitive advantage is essential for industrial companies. Today we invite you to explore the exceptional capabilities of our next-generation Intelligent Operations monitoring platform. Join us as we delve into how IDboxRT empowers Truck&Wheel manufacturing plant in Germany.

Who uses IDboxRT and Why?

Since June 2023, IDboxRT has managed to integrate into the operations of the Dingolfing plant, being a crucial hub for the production and delivery of automotive components with TW Automotive. Serves as the link between manufacturing-related departments, including: maintenance (complete OEE analysis and fault diagnosis), quality control (monitoring of quality indicators) and the production department itself, which depends on IDboxRT to monitor critical processes .

Truck&Wheel Plant Overview Dashboard

Detected benefits

Our platform stands out for a series of advantages to help our clients make operational decisions. Specifically, this company highlights the usefulness of the monitoring solution in three aspects:

1. Reliable Data Source: One of the benefits is its unwavering reliability as a data acquisition platform. In an industry where data gaps are common with other systems, IDboxRT stands as a reliable source of data. In this way, the correct functioning of Truck&Wheel operations is ensured.

2. Business Adaptability: IDboxRT is not a one-size-fits-all solution, that is, it adapts to the specific needs of Truck&Wheel. Whether custom calculations or task automation are required, IDboxRT allows you to fine-tune operations. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to include custom modules in the system to address unique requirements.

3. Superior Service and Results: IDboxRT excels in delivering both first-class quality of service and remarkable results. Users praise its performance and ability to provide actionable insights, distinguishing it from other providers and improving Truck&Wheel’s competitiveness.

Current situation

Currently, IDboxRT stands out as a corporate SCADA system in the automotive sector, with a precise focus on manufacturing. In this way, critical aspects are covered such as: OEE calculations and machine failure analysis, thus elevating Truck&Wheel’s manufacturing capabilities.

Truck&Wheel OEE Details Dashboard

Medium to Long-Term Objectives

The medium-term objective is to extend the system to all the company’s plants, incorporating MES capabilities. This expansion sets the stage for new technical advances, including: Statistical Process Control (SPC) and batch management. At the same time, successful concepts are shared and inherited in all plants.


As a result, IDboxRT empowers Truck&Wheel manufacturing plant, delivering reliable data and exceptional service to our customers. As this logistic enterprise expands operations, it can see its competitiveness increase thanks to the use of the IDboxRT solution.

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