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We will describe what SAP is, because many people get confused and call SAP to everything. SAP SE is a German company that has different programs. For example, SAP R/3 is currently called “SAP ERP” and is focused on large companies, while SAP Business One is to small and medium ones.

HANA is a database platform for real-time information.

An ERP is a computer system that covers an entire company, used to manage all its resources and sharing the necessary information between the different departments in a single database.

The most common is to associate SAP with these ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), because it is an information system that allows to manage different actions of a company, especially those that are related with production, logistics, inventory, shipping and accounting.

Currently, SAP is the world leader in the ERP market.

What is a SAP system:

The main characteristics of SAP could be summarized in the following concepts:

  • It is a made to measure system
  • Modular
  • On-line information
  • Information hierarchy
  • Integration with many areas of the company

SAP is made up of different individual applications called modules. Each of these focuses on a certain area and provides functions to support it in a flexible way. The SAP applications or modules, that we have just mentioned, are divided into three main areas: Financial, Logistics and Human Resources.

All applications are based on the SAP NetWeaver platform, which integrates them and supports the evolution towards a service-based architecture.

This platform supports Java 2 Enterprise Edition and ABAP (the SAP programming language). ABAP is a language governed by events, what means that there are events that determine the sequence of program execution. ABAP owns SAP, and it is not a language in which, as in others (Visual Basic, C, etc.), we can make an executable to run on any computer. The programs are executable within the SAP environment.

The IDbox platform is a tool capable of connecting to a multitude of environments, based on Big Data technology. Able to integrate, process and analyze data in real time in a simple, fast and intuitive way for the user. The best way to take advantage and extract the most relevant information from all the environmental variables that have influence in your business.

From IDbox we can work together with SAP technology to easily make use of the data that SAP can provide us. We can also send to SAP real-time data of the processes of a plant or service. It is as important to have an efficient connectivity tool as the versatility that this platform gives to the user when making use of it. For this reason, IDbox is characterized for being an intuitive platform, very agile in its management and providing the user his autonomy to develop their own KPIs and value reports for their business.

Create sessions of information analysis based on real-time graphs, trends, patterns, comparisons, predictions, correlation and dispersion chart, being able to generate alerts and notifications, synoptics, dashboard through a single click, configure intuitively rules ad hoc business, geo-positioning signals, operation, etc. are just some of the features provided by the IDbox platform.

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