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An operational intelligence solution that delivers insights any user can understand - and use.

Integrated systems that will allow your company to identify parameters to implement efficient solutions for energy saving.

The nuclear power plants of Almaraz, Trillo, Garoña, Ascó and Vandellós in Spain and Bilibino in Russia use the IDbox system to integrate and monitor their systems and other clients such as Enel or Iberdrola supervise their renewable generation with IDbox. Energy trading in Endesa or Viesgo's generation and distribution networks also use the IDbox system to optimize the operation.

Control your infrastructure from anywhere and any device.

An intelligent city has multiple processes to monitor such as buildings, parking lots, transport, waste or water networks among others. IDbox monitors different processes in many cities in Spain. Water managers such as FCC Aqualia rely on IDbox to monitor their supply networks, wastewater, critical stations and meter reading.

Constant improvement in productivity efficiency optimizing times.

The IDbox monitoring platform is the solution that serves as a common core for concepts such as "Smart Factory", "Industry 4.0" and "Conneceted Manufacturing", offering an end-to-end solution in terms of data integration from any plant device , advanced calculation and processing engine, in addition to offering the analytical tools necessary to exploit the information. Currently, within the manufacturing sector we find several success stories among IDbox customers. Large industrial groups such as Bosch, Bridgestone or Ferroatlántica have the IDbox system to monitor their production lines, as well as their energy efficiency.

Our Customer Stories




Implementation of IDbox as an energy monitoring platform in CLOUD mode.


EDF Fenice's project in IDbox is to monitoring not previously accessible data plants, then creating consumption and efficiency calculations. Currently installed in six of its Spanish plants, including: IVECO MADRID, ARCELOR or INLEIT. Integration of 4,000 signals that make possible, among others, to create reports that reduce the staff time spent on plant, having new mechanisms on data synchronization and comparative consumptions and production results for plants.


Energy & Manufacturing


Monitoring a section of the plant: Assembly Area. Display of the entire production process of the different sections within the area.


Chassis is a business division of Hitachi where automotive brakes and brake components are manufactured. Through the installation of IDbox and the development of Traceability, its Assembly Area is monitored. The storage of historical and real-time data allows, among other functionalities, to carry out queries, manage alarms, as well as follow the traceability of the product through an RFID reader, allowing the visualization of the entire production process.


Industry 4.0


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Construction / Building / Manufacturing Industry


Cementos Portland needed a collaborative tool within the corporation


Cementos Portland Valderrivas is a FCC group company dedicated to manufacturing and selling concrete, sand&gravel, mortar and other derivatives. The proposed solution, carried out with the CIC system, IDbox Reporting Services (LUCA), allows the production data to be viewed as required by the client, using dashboards with accumulations by product type. Likewise, it was necessary to make a comparison between the different plants of the company, an objective achieved thanks to the implementation of the system. The solution proposed in the technical part consists of three parts depending on the technology:

  • Acquisition of daily production data using flat files extracted from SAP.
  • Acquisition of daily data using a set of excel files from the FORTIA company
  • Data acquisition through an APIRest with the customer history tool




Through IDbox Veolia intends to standardize the management of the various water infrastructures and obtain relevant business information that allows it to optimize its operations.


As a world leader in water treatment, Veolia is present on the 5 continents, where it has implemented IDbox as an advanced operational intelligence solution, allowing it, through its numerous industrial drivers, to integrate data from very heterogeneous sources present in the infrastructures that it manages, through the implementation of graphic interfaces, easy to use and intuitive, giving it autonomy to maintain the solution.




Monitoring of remote stations with real-time calculation of electricity consumption, signal statistics, alarms and predictive maintenance, having knowledge of the status of the different systems within the site.


Telxius is a global telecommunications infrastructure company that has implemented IDbox since 2018 as a tool for monitoring more than 2,300 stations, integrating around 1,000,000 signals through remote MQTT. IDbox is a global tool within the project, sending data to other systems given its ability to integrate with third parties. In addition, IDbox provides analytical tools to carry out preventive maintenance within the different locations.




Analysis and predictive definition of the flow demand according to the collection of plant variables, and connection to the OsiSoft PI server to read the measurements of the compressor park.


The IDbox project carried out at Michelin, in its factory in Valladolid, has allowed the integration of the predictive model, designed for the prediction of the flow demand in SdM, as well as the recording of the predicted demand on the current automaton for the selection of compressors with OsiSoft PI server writing and the definition of a dashboard with an overview of the compressor room and trends regarding the actual factory flow.

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