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What Is IDboxRT?

IDboxRT is a platform for monitoring industrial processes. It integrates all available information sources, processes that capture signals and offers analysis tools to assist operational decision making.

All the collected data is processed according to the defined business rules generating new values and new forms of display, providing increased and continuous business value. The goal is to have centralized information on a single platform available from mobile devices. Each user will have access to specific and personalized information which will help in better decision making and increase the company´s productivity.

Integrate, Process and Analyze

The IDboxRT platform is focused on three main steps, but in a completely different way - check it out!

  • Sensors
  • IoT
  • PLC
  • Files
  • Datalogger
  • Databases
  • ERP
  • Remote Meter


IDboxRT integrates any data source both from physical devices, like sensors, dataloggers, PLCs, registers, etc. and from software systems, like database, files, services, web, SCADA, historian, management systems,etc. The range of connectors is wide and under continuous development.

  • Business Process
  • Real Time
  • Calculation
  • OLAP
  • Big Data
  • Historical Data
  • Statistics
  • Data Reconciliation


The collected and integrated information is processed generating logic by default (statistics, aggregated data, meterings, etc.) and logic tailored to the needs of the business. These processes designed by the user will generate new complex signals and other events, which will address specific business problems.

  • Historical Graphs
  • Analysis in RT
  • HMI Synoptic
  • GIS Maps
  • Reports
  • BPM
  • Alarms
  • Notifications


IDboxRT has a web interface that allows the user to analyze information through the tools of graph analysis, reporting, correlations, maps and synoptic charts – all of them extensible by the user. This enables optimization of visualization, improvement of performance and creation of a proper scenario for decision making.


From a functional point of view, IDboxRT can integrate internal data sources (for example energy, production or maintenance) and external data sources (for example meteorological data, traffic, energy costs or raw materials). All this information is integrated by connectors, processed by a “Big Data” technology and offered to users as well as to other systems.

Conceptually we can identify three functional responsibilities: Integrate, Process and Analyze. This modular architecture enables us to adapt technology to specific business requirements, offering a range of deployment modes.

How Does IDboxRT Work?

Combination of complex elements resulting in a straightforward solution.

Processing and Calculation

Deployment Options

Typically used in an industrial or power generation plant that does not have communication with other instances of the system. It is only required to integrate everything that is inside the plant. As an example, a conventional generation plant, which requires integrating production data, turbine, refrigeration, chemical, seismic or radiological data to perform calculations between them and be able to analyze them internally or give access to mobile devices through the internet. All components are installed in a single instance of IDboxRT which, depending on the number of signals, reception frequency and concurrent users, normally requires two servers, one to integrate and process and the other to offer this information for analysis.

tipo de implantacion inhouse

This type of implementation is used for more complex environments, where it is necessary to integrate geographically dispersed sources of information and integrate everything in a control center. An example of this type of installation is one that allows centralizing, for example, water, energy or gas distribution networks. Also multiple integrated industrial plants, generation plants of an energy company or a smartcity. In these cases, the connectors are usually installed at the source of information, managing communication and backup time persistence, so that in the event of communication drops, you will always have access to real-time and historical functionality for specific periods, typically 30-60 days.

tipo de implantacion integrada

This format tries to cover customers with few signals, who need to integrate information about their business in order to have a simple interface to access this data. The customer does not have to worry about infrastructure, communications, licensing costs, etc. just enjoy the monitoring service in the cloud. This type of installation is limited from a functional point of view, since IDboxRT servers and instances are shared. An example scenario for these facilities would be a power distributor that requires monitoring the cooling of the entire process and having this information available from any place and device.

tipo de implantacion saas

IDboxRT Makes Difference

Our unbreakable principles


Taking care of your experience

The only concern of our users is their business, therefore we take all the responsability for providing clean and intuitive interfaces with the right number of fast and efficient features.


We grow as you grow

The expansion and changes of your business go hand on hand with the flexibility and scalability of the platform, always ready to be adapted and distributed according the client needs.


Your data belongs to you

Our clients are sure that their data is stored where they specified and not in black boxes that only allow access through specific tools. Besides, you are autonomous to play around with it as you choose.