Operational Intelligence

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The analysis of real-time data allowed by the current technology has revolutionized numerous sectors and business forms. Here Operational Intelligence comes into play.

Time is “gold” and “gold” is money, therefore, time is “money”. Up to here nothing new. And the other great truth is that, “information”, today more than ever is “power”, but it must be valuable information, useful information.

Therefore, if we have valuable information and in real time of the operating processes of our business, it would be the perfect formula to optimize a strategic decision making that contributes to: save in operational costs, improve the user experience of my clients, improve service levels, avoid dissatisfied customers, differentiation, improve brand image, etc.

All this acquires greater value if possible, when the business operating processes are very complex or even critical. It requires having a complete and real-time view of each of the business processes, knowing the status of them, and having the ability to reduce response times in the implementation of corrective actions.

This is operational intelligence, a new form of real-time analysis that offers visibility and knowledge of business operations.

It is possible to make a massive ingestion of heterogeneous data related to the business environment that are correlated, compared, obtained by prediction algorithms, etc., in short, they are “cooked” to transform the raw data into useful information that is presented to the user through interest KPIs, alerts, notifications, reports, etc.

Benefits and challenges of Operational Intelligence

An important aspect that an operative intelligence system should consider is the “Data quality”. Here metadata comes into play, a series of attributes that are added to the signals and that are able to inform the user if the analyzed data is valid based on a set of configurable criteria.

When making decisions, a poor quality of the starting data can lead to wrong decisions and lack of precision in the prediction algorithms.

Detection of anomalous values ​​(high values, zero values, negative values, dead band, etc), gaps alerts or lack of data, invalid values, out-of-date values, data weightings or alerts based on consumption patterns, are some KPIs made with quality of the data that every operational intelligence system should consider.

The technology capable of processing millions of data and transforming raw information into useful information, into knowledge and ultimately into strategic value for the business is the BIG DATA technology. The ability to analyze a massive ingestion of data in real time, obtain statistics, store historical data and elaborate methods of compression, are some characteristics of this technology.

The IDbox platform is an operational intelligence tool . Based on BIGDATA technology, it is able to integrate, process and analyze data in real time in a simple way , quickly and intuitively for the user.

The best way to exploit and extract the most relevant information from all the environmental variables that influence your business, even those that “you did not know”.

It is as important to have an efficient operative intelligence tool as the versatility that this platform adds to the user when exploiting it, that is, “If to turn on a light, we have to press 8 switches, we all know that this would not make sense”, the same thing happens here. For this reason, IDbox is characterized for being an intuitive platform, very agile in its management and providing the user with their own autonomy when developing their own KPIs and value reports for their business.

Create sessions of analysis of information based on real-time graphs, trends, patterns, comparisons, predictions, correlation graphs, dispersion, creation of alerts and notifications, synoptics, dashboard to “click hit”, intuitively set rules of ad hoc business, geo-positioning of signals, operation, etc. are just some of the features provided by the operative intelligence platform IDbox.

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