Consolidating SCADA with operational intelligence monitoring platforms: improving visibility and efficiency in industrial processes

In previous blogs we advanced how the IIoT has revolutionized the industrial paradigm. As IIoT transforms business operations, effective monitoring of industrial processes becomes a crucial task. This is where OI platforms come into play, which allow you to monitor and manage operational processes. All of these capabilities enable live visualization of the health of systems, applications and network infrastructure. Among all these tools, control and data acquisition systems or SCADA stand out.

Widely used in industrial environments, these SCADA systems supervise and control processes through real-time monitoring of sensors and devices. As companies grow, their operations become complex, employing multiple SCADA systems in different locations. To solve this problem, we seek to integrate these systems into a single platform. This alternative provides a holistic view of operations, identifying and solving problems through the correlation of live data.

Key benefits of consolidating SCADAs

  1. Improved Visibility: gives a complete operational perspective, allowing you to monitor and manage your systems more effectively.
  2. Greater efficiency: the workload of IT staff is reduced, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks
  3. Greater security: provides a single access point for all systems, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  4. Cost savings: eliminating the need for multiple systems and reducing maintenance and support costs.
  5. Optimizing decision making: real-time data and metrics provide up-to-date information to make better decisions


Throughout we have seen that opting for this integration is an opportunity when it comes to enhancing different facets related to operations.Consolidating SCADA into an operational intelligence platform is essential for industrial companies. Integrating these systems into a single platform improves visibility, efficiency and security, as well as reducing costs. As a result, with an OI platform, organizations gain tools to optimize operations, decrease downtime, and increase profitability.

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