The importance of the transition to green hydrogen and why it must go digital

Innovation and the integration of new technologies drive digital transformation in companies in the energy sector. Facing the challenge of adapting to progress, they seek to transform their energy sources into clean and renewable ones. In the fight against global warming, we prioritize the reduction of CO2 emissions through the use of an environmentally friendly fuel: green hydrogen. This relevant energy vector will replace fossil fuels, avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases in its production.

Green hydrogen, obtained without polluting emissions, is key to decarbonization. For this reason, industrializing its production is a priority for public institutions and private entities. Although gray hydrogen is cheaper, the drop in prices of renewable energy and current development policies generate opportunities. All of this, added to the exponential increase in climate projects, has positioned the search for clean energy alternatives as a prominent issue. In recent years, there has been real enthusiasm for various climate projects.

Although they have been neglected for a long time, they are now high on the agenda of our interlocutors. Reconversion processes take time and require investments, but a true paradigm shift is taking place. Currently, with all the actors trying to energize the market, we are beginning to have real production centers to begin this energy transition.

The role of digitalization in the energy transition

Due to the data and the optimization of the algorithms, it is possible to work on energy consumption at all scales, including industrial scales. The key is to use the technologies available on the market; Reducing emissions must be done today. Digitization, simulation and artificial intelligence (AI) are the elements that will allow us to use operational data – from the equipment, environmental variables and manufacturing processes – from the first facilities to be launched to improve the performance of the equipment. and reduce manufacturing times and costs.

Development times and their optimization will be key to the success or failure of the process. An example of this is the evolution of electrolyzers, essential elements in the green hydrogen generation process. Ultimately, technological development will be crucial to convert green hydrogen into an economically viable alternative. Therefore, the production of this energy comes at the perfect time to become an intelligent and digitalized industry, which allows achieving the objectives of management, sustainability and cost reduction in the generation of clean energy. Turning green hydrogen into a viable alternative is currently a fact.

IDboxRT as a catalyst for energy change

At IDboxRT we want to promote this change in favor of the environment through the development and application of high technology in green energy generation plants. To do this, we offer a powerful real-time data analysis and control tool. In this way, the monitoring and supervision of these clean energy facilities is facilitated. As a result, IDboxRT can provide you with multiple benefits in your operations, positively impacting the planet. In short, our software is key to facilitating this energy transition, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your network.

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