The importance of the transition to green hydrogen and why it must go digital

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March 31, 2023

The importance of the transition to green hydrogen and why it must go digital

The digital transformation of companies in the energy sector is advancing thanks to innovation and the integration of new technologies, and they now face the great challenge of adapting to progress by transforming their energy sources into clean and renewable sources.

In the fight against global warming, our goal is to reduce human CO2 emissions by means of an environmentally friendly alternative fuel. In this way, we will replace fossil fuels in all their uses with a fuel that does not emit GHGs in its production and use phase. To this end, one of the most relevant energy carriers is hydrogen.

Green hydrogen, i.e., hydrogen obtained without generating polluting emissions, is emerging as a key energy vector on the road to decarbonization. For this reason, taking the step towards industrialization of the production process of this type of hydrogen has become a priority for both public institutions and private entities. Although gray hydrogen is still much cheaper to produce than green hydrogen, we are presented with a new window of opportunity thanks to the fall in the price of renewable energies and the policies that are being planned to boost their development.

In recent years, there has been real enthusiasm for various climate projects. Although they have been neglected for a long time, they are now high on the agenda of our interlocutors. Conversion processes, for example in large industries, take time and require investment, but a real paradigm shift is taking place. Today, with all the players trying to energize the market to change things, the phenomenon is reversed: we are starting to have real production sites and, finally, to start up the machine.

Data, thanks to the optimization of algorithms, makes it possible to work on all processes, as well as on energy consumption at all levels, even on an industrial scale. The evolution of the energy transition will accelerate even further. The key is to use the technologies available on the market, the reduction of emissions must be done today.

Digitization, simulation and artificial intelligence (AI) are the elements that will allow us to use operating data – not only of equipment, but also of all environmental variables and manufacturing processes – from the first facilities to be commissioned to improve equipment performance and reduce manufacturing times and costs.

For example, electrolyzers, essential elements in the green hydrogen generation process, are constantly evolving and their development will be crucial to make this technology economically viable. Development times and their optimization will be key to the success or failure of the process.

The industrial production of green hydrogen comes at the perfect time to become an intelligent and digitized industry from the outset, allowing to achieve the objectives of management, sustainability and reduction of operating costs in the generation of this type of energy, the main axis of the imminent energy transformation. Turning green hydrogen into a viable alternative.

From IDboxRT we want to favor the global energy transition towards a zero emissions model through the development, innovation and application of high technology in green energy generation plants. In the same way, we offer a powerful tool for analysis and control of data in real time, which facilitates the complex monitoring of green or renewable hydrogen production plants in the networks, or directly to renewable energy generation plants.

Our IDboxRT monitoring solution can provide you with secure data integration and powerful analysis tools, which will be essential to enable effective and efficient network management. This advanced monitoring software is just a click away.