The real benefits of monitoring resource use

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November 30, 2022

Real benefits of monitoring resource use

How the rise of big data and sensing technologies could improve the bottom line for companies and the environment?

Ten years ago, many company executives realized that environmental problems were real business problems. But mostly they were protecting themselves from negative reputational risks. Today, more and more companies are realizing that they not only need to protect themselves from negative impacts, but also to make huge profits by serving a market that is increasingly interested in environmentally friendly products and services. And costs can be significantly reduced if companies operate more efficiently.

The big data and sensor revolution will be very important for more efficient use of resources because it allows companies to know what is happening to their resources. So not only can a company like GE monitor the efficiency of its jet engines, but anyone who runs fleets of cars and trucks can monitor and optimize fuel efficiency.

It becomes possible to track how much fertilizer is wasted and just runs off with rainwater on farms. This will allow us to optimize yields – which is important for farmers and consumers – as well as fertilizer use, which will help us minimize the dead zone.

Meanwhile, the World Resources Institute has launched a Web site that tracks deforestation with millions of bits of data received every minute from satellites circling the planet. This will go a long way toward making sure that our forests are not going to waste. And when individuals and groups of citizens can use monitoring and sensing technology to monitor air pollution in real time, data transparency will lead to lower pollution levels.

Ultimately, what gets measured gets managed, and there are examples of problems where more accurate measurement could greatly help. One such problem is natural gas. Natural gas is currently leaking into the atmosphere in the system, but the industry doesn’t have good, regular measurements of how much methane is escaping, and methane is a very potent greenhouse gas.

If we require companies to have regular leak detection and leak repair programs, we can keep natural gas in the pipes, use it more efficiently, and stop one big source of global warming. We need to learn how to extract this resource in a way that protects the citizens who live near the wells and the atmosphere.

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