The real benefits of monitoring resource use

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November 30, 2022

Real benefits of monitoring resource use

How could data and sensing technologies, along with monitoring, improve business and environmental outcomes?

Ten years ago, many business executives realized that environmental problems were real business problems. But above all, they protected themselves from negative risks to their reputation. Currently, companies realize that they have to protect themselves from negative impacts and obtain benefits by serving a market with greater interest in respectful products. And costs can be reduced significantly if companies operate more efficiently. In this blog we will detail the usefulness of controlling and measuring the resources used in industrial operations through monitoring programs such as IDboxRT.

The big data and sensor revolution will be very important for a more efficient use of resources. This is because this tool makes it easier for companies to know what is happening with their inputs. Thus, any type of company can optimize its efficiency, regardless of corporate size and the type of resource to control.

For example, the amount of fertilizer that is wasted with rainwater on farms can be measured. Therefore, it will allow us to optimize yields – which is important for farmers and consumers – as well as the use of fertilizers, which will help us minimize the dead zone.

Meanwhile, the World Resources Institute has launched a website that tracks deforestation with millions of data points received every minute via satellite. This will go a long way to ensuring our forests do not go to waste. Another factor to take into account is the role of society. In the long term, they may be direct actors in reducing pollution when this technology evolves. Using surveillance and detection technology, they will be able to control pollution in real time, allowing these levels to be reduced.


Ultimately, what gets measured gets managed. In other words, more precise monitoring could be useful to solve problems, such as that of natural gas. Currently, this gas leaks into the atmosphere in the system. Added to this is that the industry does not have measurements to calculate how much methane escapes. In this sense, the amount of one of the most powerful greenhouse gases such as methane could be reduced.

If we require companies to have leak detection and repair programs, we can keep gas in the pipes. As a consequence, it can be used more efficiently and stop a major source of global warming. In summary, it is key to learn how to extract this resource while damaging the atmosphere and society in general as little as possible. A first step to this is to register and monitor company resources in a personalized way.

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