Top business technology trends in 2023

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December 22, 2022

Best prospects and trends for growth in 2023

A confluence of factors-including high inflation, economic headwinds and stakeholder demands-have presented organizations with a number of challenges in 2022. As you prepare for the new year, explore some of our top trends for achieving growth:

Which business professionals will help address the 2023 technology trends?

We expect these developments to influence business strategies in the coming years by enabling organizations to address four key priorities:

Optimize resiliency, operations or trust.
Increase productivity and customer value by advancing solutions, product delivery and connectivity
Pioneering customer engagement, accelerated responses or opportunity
– Pursue sustainable technology solutions

Theme 1: Optimize
These trends optimize IT systems to achieve greater reliability, improve data-driven decision making, and maintain the value and integrity of AI systems in production.

  • Digital Immune System: creates an improved customer experience by combining multiple software engineering strategies to protect against risk. Through observability, automation, and extreme testing, it provides resilient systems that mitigate operational and security risks.ks.
  • Applied observability: works from data issued by an organization, using AI to analyze and make recommendations. In this way, final decision making is more agile and precise. When applied systematically, it can reduce response latency and optimize business operations in real time.

Theme 2: Scale
These technology trends accelerate vertical offerings, increase the pace of product delivery, and enable connectivity.

  • Specific cloud platforms for each sector with tailored and specific functionalities for each sector. This way, organizations can adapt more effectively to the relentless flow of disruptions in their industry.
  • Platform engineering provides a set of tools, capabilities, and processes packaged for easy consumption by developers and end users. It will increase end-user productivity and reduce the burden on development teams.

Theme 3: Pioneering
Focus efforts on enabling business model change, reinventing employee and customer engagement, thus accelerating strategies.

Adaptive AI allows the behavior of models to change after deployment through the use of real-time information. In this way, models and learning are continually retrained within the execution and development environments. All based on new data and adjusted objectives, to quickly adapt to changing real-world circumstances.

Theme 4: Sustainable technology
Delivering technology alone will not be enough in 2023.

Sustainable technology is a framework of solutions that increases the energy and efficiency of IT services. In this sense, it enables business sustainability through the application of technologies such as traceability, emissions management software and AI. It also serves as a catalyst, promoting the achievement of clients’ own sustainability goals. The usefulness of these tools has boosted investments in them, such as asset monitoring, which contributes to greater operational resilience and financial performance.

Bottom line:

  • Knowing the trends that stand out in the market allows you to align your technological innovation with your future strategic business objectives.
  • Investments in sustainable technology bring operational and financial benefits, and can create interesting growth opportunities.
  • The best alternative to cover the operational needs of your business is to contact the best professionals in the sector. Contact us if you want our team of operational intelligence specialists to help you discover your potential!

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