BIG DATA and OPERATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: a connection for life

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November 23, 2018


The data generated by the machine makes Big Data analysis really interesting. Among other things, they allow you to improve the user experience, increase IT stability, detect security threats and even analyze customer behavior. But for that, the information must first be found and reviewed.

What is operational intelligence (OI)?

OI can be defined as a form of real-time business analysis that offers actionable visibility and an insight and management of all business operations.

The data produced by real-time operational intelligence enables operators to understand the performance of distributed infrastructure, make predictions, improve efficiency, and even prevent disasters. This gives a greater ability to make the right operational decisions and engage important stakeholders. Importantly, IO software learns from past actions through artificial intelligence (specifically, machine learning) and can therefore improve its own decision-making processes.

Operational intelligence, along with machine-generated data, provides the ability to understand exactly what is happening in individual systems in the IT infrastructure, in real time.

Therefore, modern Big Data platforms for operational intelligence are capable of processing more than 100 terabytes of machine data every day, which then serves as a prerequisite for making informed decisions in different business processes. Product managers can bring applications and services to market faster, managers improve the availability and performance of internal IT solutions, while sales teams have the ability to tailor services and products to customer behavior. The opportunities for business process optimization are endless.

How operational intelligence works

Operational intelligence plays directly with IT itself: A large amount of information is produced there from different IT segments to solve exact problems such as performance. This information generally includes web infrastructure logs, network data, application diagnostics, or cloud service information. Shortly after consolidating this data, it is possible to conduct a cause investigation and react to specific incidents, failures, and other problems. Monitoring mechanisms and alarms allow you to monitor your entire IT infrastructure, including applications, by identifying specific conditions, trends, and complex patterns. With this real-time report of an organization’s “machine rooms”, IT administrators will be able to develop a service-oriented view of their IT environment. This enables on-the-fly reports and data visualizations that provide an overview of events from different perspectives. This includes information about how applications, servers, or devices are connected to mission-critical IT services.

The main characteristics of an Operational Intelligence Software

  • Monitoring of all business processes in real time.
  • Detection of all kinds of situations throughout an operational process in real time.
  • Big Data control and analysis. Our Operational Intelligence Software continuously monitors and analyzes a variety of high-speed, high-volume Big Data sources.
  • Analysis of different situations, trends, the root of the problems.
  • Different users can view the data dashboards in real time.


Applications, sensors, servers and clients constantly generate data. This machine information can be used for user transactions, customer behavior, sensor activity, machine behavior, security threats, fraudulent activity, and other measures. For meaningful analysis and subsequent decision making, special operational intelligence platforms are suitable. They allow you to discover the value of hidden information by collecting, indexing, searching, analyzing and viewing the vast amount of information. It offers companies real-time information about the increasingly digitized business world that can be used for decision-making and corporate governance.

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