Digital transformation and monitoring and control systems – VI edition of Madrid Monitoring Day #MMD19

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March 22, 2019

VI edition of Madrid Monitoring Day #MMD19

Digital transformation and digitization of the business began to take importance many years ago and today it has become the key to the survival of the company. A company needs to adapt to changes in order to stand out from its competition. In this transformation process, technology allows us to be at the forefront of the changes that businesses are going through today.

Technology provides the speed and agility that a business needs to stand out.

Large organizations are developing their digital transformation actions to drive innovation, improve competitive advantage, increase productivity and reduce costs, using new technologies and using innovative IT platforms.

With trends such as Monitoring, Operational Intelligence, Cloud, mobile devices, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) or Indsutrial IoT (IIoT), and big data changing the way consumers connect with businesses, many businesses are facing challenges related to adapting their technologies to current needs.

The need for digital transformation arises largely from the large volumes of data generated by IoT devices.

Here arises the need for a monitoring system, which makes the most of the data by obtaining information from any environment for further analysis. Thanks to this analysis, decision making will be more effective.

In addition, with monitoring systems it will be possible to ensure quality through predictive maintenance, and monitor operations from anywhere.

Still don’t know how to face the digital transformation of your business? Still haven’t implemented a signal monitoring system? We invite you to the VI edition of Madrid Monitoring Day.

VI edition of Madrid Monitoring Day #MMD19, a reference event in Monitoring and Operational Intelligence Solutions.

Through the #MMD19 it will be possible to learn about the monitoring tools needed for the digital transformation of your business, as well as discover the benefits and the important economic impact of its implementation.

We will also highlight the value of the monitoring process in critical environments, and we will discuss the problems in various sectors through real cases in large organizations.

A reference event focused on signal monitoring solutions in various environments: Energy, Smart City and Industry 4.0.

Madrid Monitoring Day #MMD19 is an event that in all its editions has been very well received, with more than 300 attendees annually. Among the profiles that attend the event we can find managers of technology companies, IT directors, CTOs and CIOs, project managers, service companies and energy solutions, consulting, engineering and municipalities, among others.

Madrid Monitoring Day will highlight the benefits of monitoring and information control platforms as tools for the Digital Transformation of the business.

This year’s agenda is full of novelties. You will be able to learn about various monitoring projects through presentations and demonstrations.

Speakers from organizations such as Vodafone and Cepsa will participate in the VI edition.

This edition will feature half a day of presentations by experts from different fields who will present their experience with monitoring systems and the benefits that this type of platform has brought to their business.

The meeting will also have an exhibition area, with a space of stands dedicated to the presentation of products and solutions related to digital transformation. There will also be a demo room where you will be able to discover the opportunities offered by Real-Time Data Analysis and Operational Intelligence tools.

A networking environment will be fostered for the exchange of ideas between attendees and speakers throughout the day.

To end the event, a Lunch and a Gin&Tonic tasting will be offered by the best cocktail makers.

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