3 Energy Saving Tips For Manufacturers

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January 27, 2023

3 Energy Saving Tips For Manufacturers

Industrial activity is responsible for almost a quarter of global emissions, and with energy prices becoming increasingly volatile, it is important to control the energy consumption. To help you take action, we put together 3 tips with our experts to reduce your energy consumption.

1. Digitize Energy Consumption

One of the first things you can do to save energy is to digitize your consumption.
The energy industry is relatively behind in digitization compared to other sectors, such as banking and medical fields. This is because for a long time energy was cheap, energy transition was not a priority and the available technology was not considered advanced enough. Today we know that it is, in fact, an important investment.

By installing the right sensors and control screens to collect the right information, you can digitize your energy and then perform more complex analysis and optimizations thanks to digital tools. This will help you improve your energy assessment and identify new savings opportunities. For example, by forecasting your consumption and creating energy models of your processes, it is easier to create an informed energy savings strategy.

2. Visualize Energy Data

If you don’t know what your energy consumption is, how can you reduce it?
If you want to reduce your energy consumption you need to know how much you are consuming. Only then can you focus on areas of improvement and build an effective strategy. The 3 success factors when implementing a decarbonization strategy are: measurement, alignment and execution.

It is important to monitor your processes and visualize your data clearly, as it must be accessible to different users in a company (from corporate-level executives to on-site energy managers). For example, you can use digital dashboards that show your energy consumption using visual elements such as diagrams or charts of different types. This is where digitizing your energy consumption comes in handy.

By using tools that automate data collection and visualization, you reduce human error and can also invest time in ROI and future projects. They can also help you visualize data such as energy losses that would otherwise be difficult to spot. Many leaks are invisible and are almost impossible to detect without technology.

3. Identify Energy Losses

Once you have visualized your energy data, you can identify your losses. Implementing digital tools can help you detect energy losses almost immediately. For example, using historical data and data science, IDboxRT can create a baseline of your consumption. Because IDboxRT also collects your energy data in real time, you can receive alerts about any drift immediately. This will allow you to detect leaks as early as possible and act on them to reduce energy waste.

IDboxRT aims to harness the power of data-driven decision making with data analytics. Contact our experts and start optimizing your energy consumption today.