Use Case: Discover How IDboxRT Empowers Truck&Wheel Manufacturing Plant

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September 30, 2023

Discover How IDboxRT Empowers Truck&Wheel Manufacturing Plant

In the constantly evolving world of Industry 4.0, maintaining a competitive advantage is essential for industrial companies. Today we invite you to explore the exceptional capabilities of our next-generation Intelligent Operations monitoring platform. Join us as we delve into how IDboxRT empowers Truck&Wheel manufacturing plant in Germany.

Who uses IDboxRT and Why?

Since June 2023, IDboxRT has managed to integrate into the operations of the Dingolfing plant, being a crucial hub for the production and delivery of automotive components with TW Automotive. Serves as the link between manufacturing-related departments, including: maintenance (complete OEE analysis and fault diagnosis), quality control (monitoring of quality indicators) and the production department itself, which depends on IDboxRT to monitor critical processes .

Truck&Wheel Plant Overview Dashboard

Detected benefits

Our platform stands out for a series of advantages to help our clients make operational decisions. Specifically, this company highlights the usefulness of the monitoring solution in three aspects:

1. Reliable Data Source: One of the benefits is its unwavering reliability as a data acquisition platform. In an industry where data gaps are common with other systems, IDboxRT stands as a reliable source of data. In this way, the correct functioning of Truck&Wheel operations is ensured.

2. Business Adaptability: IDboxRT is not a one-size-fits-all solution, that is, it adapts to the specific needs of Truck&Wheel. Whether custom calculations or task automation are required, IDboxRT allows you to fine-tune operations. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to include custom modules in the system to address unique requirements.

3. Superior Service and Results: IDboxRT excels in delivering both first-class quality of service and remarkable results. Users praise its performance and ability to provide actionable insights, distinguishing it from other providers and improving Truck&Wheel’s competitiveness.

Current situation

Currently, IDboxRT stands out as a corporate SCADA system in the automotive sector, with a precise focus on manufacturing. In this way, critical aspects are covered such as: OEE calculations and machine failure analysis, thus elevating Truck&Wheel’s manufacturing capabilities.

Truck&Wheel OEE Details Dashboard

Medium to Long-Term Objectives

The medium-term objective is to extend the system to all the company’s plants, incorporating MES capabilities. This expansion sets the stage for new technical advances, including: Statistical Process Control (SPC) and batch management. At the same time, successful concepts are shared and inherited in all plants.


As a result, IDboxRT empowers Truck&Wheel manufacturing plant, delivering reliable data and exceptional service to our customers. As this logistic enterprise expands operations, it can see its competitiveness increase thanks to the use of the IDboxRT solution.

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