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September 18, 2020

Times change, so do we.

We have developed a new visual style to find a balance between the old and the new, the classic and the innovative. Some aspects of our brand have changed enormously, and some, like our desire to keep professional, stay responsive and maintain a sense of humor, will remain unchanged forever. That’s why we chose the contrast between black and white, diluted with geometric patterns and our historically important colors, as the main line of our style.

Our colors have fused into one

Three processes – one gradient.

IDboxRT is known for its famous slogan: “Integrate, Process and Analyze”, which reflects the three main indivisible processes of our company. This is where our characteristic gradient comes from, representing the flow of information and its transition from one phase to another.

Our new logo

Same name, new signature.

The sign of our brand has been changed and improved. Our historic logo has been simplified and redesigned using a fresh, recognizable, minimalist and modern character to maximize our digital and physical presence in a new era.

Brand new patterns

A symbol of how we communicate.

Our new graphic elements, the patterns, were created to symbolize our approach to partnering with our clients in an open, dynamic and flexible manner.

Photography and graphics

Clarity and simplicity.

We introduce a bold and recognizable style of images and graphic symbols, giving the advantage of black and white colors, contrast and intense focus to bring clarity and uniqueness to our brand.


To be understandable, to be accessible.

In this matter, we decided to stick to the good old traditions and leave our main font to the beloved old Montserrat, a geometric sans-serif typeface. This font is good for its simplicity, comprehensibility, and we know that you adore it!

Bringing it all together

A balanced and justified identity.

Together, all of the above elements help us stand out and keep up with the times, developing, becoming better every day and, most importantly, remaining ourselves, no matter what.

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