Environmental Protection through Energy Monitoring – Small Steps to Big Achievements

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August 25, 2022

Environmental Protection through Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring promotes environmental literacy.

Protecting the environment begins with the realization that our natural resources on Earth are limited. Due to economic and population growth, as well as climate change, resource consumption is constantly increasing. And this is always associated with pollution of our environment. The consequences are the release of pollutants into the water, soil and air, which cause permanent damage to the ecosystem. It is a fact that the current use of our natural resources far exceeds the Earth’s ability to regenerate. The only way to use our resources in the long term is to use them carefully. Only then will future generations be able to benefit from the wealth of our Earth.

What is Energy Monitoring?

Energy monitoring means continuous integration, processing, analysis and visualization of energy requirements. Thus, energy monitoring is the key foundation of an energy management system. By measuring the current of individual consumers, evaluating and comparing the measured data, a detailed analysis of energy consumption and generation can be carried out. Based on this data, the individual and effective savings potential, both in watts and euros, can be determined. Thus, energy monitoring not only helps to reduce energy consumption and costs, but is also an effective measure in relation to the environment to save resources.

Identifying potential savings with energy monitoring.

The protection of the environment begins with identifying the potential for optimization. With the intelligence monitoring platform IDboxRT we monitor in particular the energy consumption of companies as well as the generation of the renewable energy. With our powerful analytics system, we create a universally accessible and user-friendly platform for people who want to actively promote and support environmental protection measures.

Environmental protection begins with everyone.

Small changes in personal energy behavior are often sufficient to significantly reduce energy consumption. The more people participate, the greater the effect of saving energy. Become part of our IDboxRT community and actively contribute to environmental protection!

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