Advantages of Industrial Equipment Monitoring

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September 30, 2022

Advantages of industrial equipment monitoring

It is becoming essential for the industrial sector today to be able to create new revenue streams and expand new services by using the IoT to monitor their equipment. Insights can lead to better parts and products, and provide an edge over competitive offerings, and here’s why: when a product is purchased, manufacturers often have limited data on how the equipment performs in its intended environment, yet this data is immensely valuable.

By retrofitting or manufacturing your equipment with connected sensors, you can monitor machine condition in the field to provide low-cost condition-based maintenance solutions, and/or collect data points for future product improvements. You can create new revenue streams using data from IoT applications, offering a proactive approach to industrial equipment maintenance and monitoring.

Three main advantages of industrial equipment monitoring:

1. Offer More: Proactive Maintenance Solutions

IDboxRT is a powerful monitoring platform for integrating, processing and analyzing the data available from your machines and transforming it into valuable and visual information. Technicians can respond to inconsistencies in specific components instead of wasting time diagnosing a problem. Remote monitoring in the cloud can help reduce maintenance spending and overall operating costs, reduce the frequency of service calls and extend the life of your machines.

2. See more: Real-time data from your machines

Leverage real-time information from new or existing machinery using edge gateways. Gain a competitive advantage by monitoring conditions and track production from anywhere. Users can visualize data in dashboards, comparative graphs, maps, reports and more with the IDboxRT platform.

3. Learn more: Product development and innovation

Make future product improvements and decisions with real data from the field. Every year, product managers in various industries fund research studies to learn how products perform in different environments, how customers prefer to use products, how to improve. IDboxRT can help you collect, organize, analyze and use your product data to your advantage.

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