Operational Intelligence

Integrate, Process and Analyze in real time

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IDbox is a set of software components which allows supervision of industrial, energetic and smart processes. It integrates all available information sources, processes the captured signals and offers the tools for monitoring and analysis which is extremely helpful in operational decision making.

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A new concept of SCADA

Imagine a SCADA system that allows you to be autonomous, create your own reports, HMI synoptic charts, dashboards, operation screens, graphs and complex analysis, etc. without waiting times, without involving a third party, everything from a single user interface . With no installations, nor patches, updates or satellite tools to complement your activity.

An accessible platform from any device, whether from a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. A powerful platform capable to integrate millions of signals in milliseconds.

This is IDbox! Easiness, quickness and freedom.

We are different!

User experience

For us user experience is usability and performance. Clean, user-friendly and intuitive user interfaces with the right number of fast and efficient features. Our users do not need to wait for data nor they worry about the system performance, their only concern is about their business.

Flexible and elastic

Our modular, scalable and high-performance architecture enables multiple installation types (in house, saas, integrated or multi-site) where each component can be distributed according to the needs of the client. This allows an elastic growth of the system which meets the ongoing expansion of the business.

Autonomy and transparency

You must be absolutely sure that your data is stored where you define and not in black boxes that only allow access through specific tools. Besides, it is essential that you feel autonomy and see that the tool empowers you to develop any kind of analysis or visualization in a simple way.

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